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"Ensoulment was entertaining, helpful. People would love to hear and see this material explained so clearly. Can't wait to see what Lorís does next."

- Nan Linke, Jungian Psychotherapist

"It really gives me a sense of hope and enthusiasm for our emerging collective consciousness when I see young people like Lorís committing their time and effort to explore an issue like femininity that rests at the very core of the cultural transformation that we all face."

- Kate Burns, author of The Pattern of Initiation

"Lorís Simón is a brilliant artist/filmmaker. We appreciate the work she is doing by raising consciousness about the feminine in her new artistic endeavor."

- Carole Dean, Founder of From the Heart Productions

Ensoulment: finding the feminine today

Myth in the Mojave

WTUL News and Views

Cayman 27 News

Programa Factor M

2V Television, Al Día 

USA Cultura Latina

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