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Dr. James Hollis
Author and Jungian Psychoanalyst
Dr. Abigail Disney
Filmmaker and Philanthropist
Dr. Paula Reeves
Author and Jungian Psychologist
Mary Hamilton
Author and Pioneer in Dance and Theater Education
Dr. Ginette Paris
Author and Professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute
Rev. Dr. Serene Jones
Author and President of the Union Theological Seminary 
Greg Gondron
Center Training and Operations Coordinator at the Mankind Project Houston


Tom Hopwood

Co-Founders of Mankind Project Houston and President of Executive Advice

Dr. Terry Fassihi
Founder and Program Director of the Houston Eating Disorder Center  
Meggan Watterson
Author and Founder of REVEAL 
Dr. Cynthia Eller
Author and Professor at Montclair State University
Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling
Author and Professor at Brown University
Patricia Gras
TV Producer, Founder of Love Smart Living Media and Freelance Journalist  
Aurora Losada
Assistant Managing Editor of Spanish Publications Houston Chronicle
Patricia Llosa
Educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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